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Open Monday-Friday 8am-3pm

At the Advanced Manufacturing Park Technology Centre

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Our Menu

Cup of hot coffee on ceramic saucer



Heart Foam Art Beside Grey Spoon White Tray



Woman Pouring Cappuccino



Latte in Cup

Flat White


Brown Cup Filled With Cappuccino



Cup of Brown Coffee

Hot Chocolate


Glass Mug


£ 2.00

Cup of Brown Coffee

Hot Chocolate


Monin – Vanilla

Brown Cow on Green Grass Field

Milk – Dairy

Monin – Caramel

Cereals on Brown Bowl

Milk – Oat

Monin – Hazelnut

Photo of Soybeans on Bowl Near Drinking Glass With Soy Milk

Milk – Soya

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Victoria Hopton

Head of Ampere.Coffee

Toni …

Head Barista and Chef